#notabitoffilth – An exhibition about the activist Astrid Lindgren
1st April 2021 – 30th December 2022
The exhibition #notabitoffilth focuses on the activist Astrid Lindgren and her progressive view on gender, power, and children’s rights. In the exhibition, we experience Astrid Lindgren as a debater, a letter writer, a patron, a speaker – and of course as a writer.

Permanent exhibition
On 8th April 1970, a group of women marched up Strøget (pedestrian street) in Copenhagen. Wearing false eye lashes, blonde wigs, and balloons in their bras, they demonstrated against the fashion industry and the objectification of the female body.

The action marked the starting point of a new women’s movement – The Red Stocking Movement – which made a great impact on Denmark during the 70s. The red stockings wanted to change the gender roles of society and break with the male-dominated society. They fought for equal pay, equality within the home, free abortion, and the right to decide for themselves what a woman is, can, must, and should.

The small exhibition room THE RED STOCKINGS lies as a red, beating heart in the middle of the museum. A red stocking Wunderkammer filled from floor to ceiling with objects from the museum’s own red stocking collection, portraying the years 1970-1985. You can also see films and photos, listen to music, or study literature in the red stocking library.

Permanent exhibition
What does gender mean in our society? Why do I play with cars and not dolls? What does it mean to be transgender? What is normal? How do I feel about my own body? What is equality? Do we have equality? What does it matter if I’m born as a boy or as a girl? DOES IT MATTER?

In the exhibition Gender Blender, the meaning of gender takes centre stage and the museum invites you to visit a dynamic exhibition platform that catalyses, collects and informs about the ongoing gender debate.

The museum creates a space for – and an enhancement of – the visitors’ own perception of gender. Because gender has a meaning – and Denmark lacks a qualified platform in order for the audience to keep track of the history, the research and the debate about gender – and thereby spark rethinking and reflection.

Sexual education throughout the times
Permanent exhibition
In the exhibition “Sexual education throughout the times”, you can learn about the content and methods of sexual education throughout 200 years. The exhibition is also used for educational purposes. At KØN – Gender Museum Denmark, we enter into dialogue with children and young people about norms, limits, and rights for gender, body, and sexuality.

The old City Hall
Permanent exhibition
The exhibition portrays the women’s movement’s historical development; from Mathilde Fibiger to #MeToo. In the display cases, you will find objects, photos, and texts that will make you wiser on the movement’s perspective and challenges; the Decency Feud, terms of marriage, conservative ideals, and the tightening of a corset.

The Histories of Boys and Girls
Permanent exhibition
About children – for children and adults alike
The exhibition is founded on a number of specific children’s lives within the subjects of family, school, children’s work, and play, as well as the differences between girls and boys.

In the exhibition, you follow the children around among their objects, thus painting a picture of the children’s different lives and conditions. By making historical objects and source material especially available to children, the exhibition presents the important change that has taken place concerning childhood in general and what is expected of girls and boys in particular.

The museum also shows different minor special exhibitions.

All the exhibitions texts are translated into English.